Assistance and Support

Financial help may be available for pregnancy-related expenses, including health costs associated with prenatal care, childbirth, newborn care, and living expenses.

Adoption Support Resources

The Utah Adoption Assistance Program provides help in getting a job, as well as cash payments, for a parent who has given birth to a child who has been placed for adoption. The program is available to any birth parent who was (or would have been) the one to take care of the child if the child had not been relinquished for adoption. Birth parents who have had their parental rights terminated by a court are NOT eligible for this program.

The child must have been legally placed through a public or private adoption agency or licensed attorney.

Adoption assistance payments are provided up to a maximum of twelve consecutive months from the date the child was relinquished, with the month of relinquishment counted as the first month. The parent must also be participating in appropriate employment related activities as specified by an employment counselor.

How to Qualify

The program gives help to a birth parent who has relinquished a child for adoption and who would have otherwise qualified for the Family Employment Program if the parent had been able to keep the child.

Birth parents who have had their parental rights taken away by law cannot receive help under this program.

For more information on this program, contact the Utah Department of Workforce Services at 801-526-9675.

Coverage of adoption related expenses

Under Utah Code 76-7-203 the Department of Workforce services may pay adoption related expenses, thus expense shall be reasonable related to the adoption and shall ensure for a reasonable amount.

Adoption related expenses may include:

  • Legal expenses
  • Maternity expenses
  • Medical expenses
  • Hospital expenses
  • Counseling expenses
  • Temporary living expenses during the pregnancy or confinement of the mother
  • Expenses for travel between the mother’s or father’s home and the location where the child will be born or adopted

The State of Utah Prefers Childbirth over Abortion. Adoption is a preferred alternative for Abortion.