Adoption information

Adoption Information

Whether you’re unable to parent a baby, having financial struggles, or wish to give your future child more than what you can offer right now, adoption can be a positive, loving choice. No matter your situation, you’re not alone; placing a child for adoption can be a difficult decision to make and it may be helpful to get counseling.

In Utah, adoption services are available through licensed agencies (aka public adoption) or private attorneys (aka private adoption). While the services vary, agencies usually provide free counseling and education about adoption. The agencies evaluate the adoptive parents to ensure that they have a stable family and that they are able to raise a child. In some cases, they allow the birth parents to interview or choose an adoptive family based on factors that are important to them.

Private attorneys are another avenue for adoption, because they may have clients who want to adopt. With this option, the adoptive family may be able to pay the attorney fees.

If a birth mother identifies an adoptive family and wants to initiate a private adoption, she must go through an agency or attorney for it to be legally valid. With each option, it may be possible, if desired, to have contact with the child and the adoptive parents.

Private adoption agencies and attorneys whose practice includes adoption

A list of licensed adoption agencies and child placing agencies in Utah can be found on the Department of Human Services website at

To find an attorney who specializes in adoption law, call the Utah Bar at 801-531-9077 or visit