Fetal Remains

You have the right to decide what you would like to do with the aborted fetus. You may decide for the provider to be responsible for disposition of the fetus. If you are having a medication-induced abortion, you also have the right to bring the aborted fetus back to this provider for disposition after the fetus is expelled. The provider may dispose of the aborted fetus by burial or cremation. You can ask the provider if you want to know the specific method for disposition.

You have the right to receive information about options for disposition of the aborted fetus, including the method of disposition that is usual and customary for the health care facility.

You have up to 72 hours after the procedure to make this decision. If you do not specify a preference within 72 hours after the procedure, the health care facility may dispose of the remains.

If you decide to have the remains buried or cremated by the funeral home of your choice, you will be responsible for any costs of that service.

If you decide to bring the aborted fetus back to the health care facility after a medication-induced abortion, please reduce exposure to blood. This can be done by placing all remains in a sealed container and cleaning all surfaces of the container before transport.

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